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Berkel Meat Slicer 827a

The berkel meat and cheese slicer is a excellent device for sorting meat and cheese. It has a 12 blade angle grating and a 45 degree grating that makes it easy to get a perky slice of ham or escalope cheese. The feed system is easy to use and is comes with a one month guarantee.

Berkel Meat Slicer 827a Amazon

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Best Berkel Meat Slicer 827a

The berkel 827a-plus 12 manual gravity feed meat slicer is a great way to get food to your grocery store quickly and easily. This meat slicer has a 12 hp motor that makes food flow through the slicer easily. The slicer also has ahorizontal blade and a12" size. It is alsoopezarmlet-based slicing technology. the new berkel meat slicer has a modern look and easy to use controls. This slicer has a feed chute for large items and a large number of 0-onential gradients, making it the perfect choice for thicker sliced foods. the berkel meat slicer 827a or 829e is a instruments sectionalizer that helps to separate the meat types by weight, volume or quality. The berkel meat slicer can also be used to measure different ingredients such as onions, spices, bread crumbs and other food items. this is a replacement blade for the berkel meat slicer. It is made from durable aluminum and is sharpened to a very high level.