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The pampered chef meat slicer is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and in shape without spending a lot of money. It comes with a lot of tools that will help you to make perfect meat loaf or steak. The lot of items saves by buying several will make your life much easier. looking for an easy to use and tasty meat slicer? look no further than the meat slicer by 535off! This slicer is perfect for paring vegetables orjess. Made with a sturdiness and ease of use that will make you want to try this knife out yourself, the meat slicer is sure to make your cooking experience better. this rada tomato slicer knife is a great buy! It is made in usa and has 5 serrated teeth for time-saving surgery of large tomatoes. The rada sustains the blade with 5cr13 steel and the knife has a left-handed grip. This meat slicer is perfect for vegetables that will have to be cut into small pieces. the rada tomato slicer knife is a great knife for those looking for a quality knife that will hardly ever need to be sharpened. It is made with a silver lr silver blade and is cased with 10cr13 metal. This knife is also whistles with 5 blade that is perfect for cutting tomatoes.