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Meat Slicer

This meat slicer is perfect for commercial eater who need to ensure free range meat is properly sliced for cooking. The slice veggie cutter is also perfect for kitchen use, able to help with cooking and baking.


10" Blade 240w 530 rpm



NEW 7.5
meat slicer

meat slicer

By Unbranded


Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool

Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer

By NESCO/American Harvest


Meat Slicers

Looking to get your food cooking in record time? then you need to check out our meat slicers! we have a wide range of agriculture meat slicers that will take any meat without any problems. so if you are looking for a slicer that can help with food preparation or to help clean up a room, then we have you covered!

Home Meat Slicer

The new 7. 5 electric meat slicer blade home deli food slicer is the perfect choice for those looking for an updated and modern food slicer. This food slicer features a modern design with a sleek black finish. It has a 7. 5 electric blade and is compatible with a variety of ingredients. It is also easy to use with a simple interface. thisdelifoods' meat slicer is the perfect tool for food slicers who want to make perfect cuts of meat with ease. With 10 blade technology, this slicer can handle cutting meat up to 5' by 4' with ease. Additionally, the electric motor makes it easy to move around, so you can handle the slicing with ease. the vevor commercial electric meat slicer is the perfect tool for jerky products. With 10 blade settings and 240 watts, this slicer will slice through the tough meats quickly and easily. the electric meat slicers are a great choice for cooking or baking. They can be used to slice meat either in slow cook or on the stovetop. They come with a variety of blade shapes and freud blade technology.